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Wib Medical by M.A.S. Medical

MAS Medical was founded in 1993 as a company specialized in technical assistance on medical equipment, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Over the years, it has expanded its field within operating theatre, coming more and more in contact with the real needs of the costumer.

Doing so, in 2005, the company started the production of the first portable suction unit for biological fluids entirely “Made in Italy”; a system with battery operation called “Drain Star”, mainly dedicated to the endo-urology procedures and later to all endoscopic surgeries.

A second field of application turned out to be in wards and intensive care unti, where the biological risk that the staff was exposed to, became quite dangerous, especially on the management of organics liquids to be disposed of.

Thanks to the success obteined in the country, in 2013 MAS Medcial S.r.l opened its doors to the European market initially and the international market later.

Innovation has always been the priority within the company, in fact, in september 2018, a portable shower for bedridden patients is presented on the international market, also battery-operated, unique in its application. A sector unknown to M.A.S. Medical, but the experienxe and professional demonstrated on the realization of suction circuits, allowed the inclusion of a cutting-edge concetpt for the patient and practitioners, ensuring maximum hygiene.


Company certified ISO 9001: 2005, EN ISO 13485:2016

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